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In collaboration with ACO, we executed a comprehensive 360 activation centered around their hair care series, leveraging influencer Emelie's channels for maximum impact. The key elements of the campaign included:

Social Posts and Q&A: Emelie shared social posts discussing the products and hosted an interactive Q&A session about the hair care routine, engaging the audience directly.

Competition: A competition was organized on Emelie's channel, fostering community engagement and interaction.

Hair Masterclass Event: A significant highlight was the hair masterclass event featuring Petra Tungården and selected influencers. This not only created buzz but also garnered media exposure.

Influencer Attendance: 15 well-targeted influencers attended the event, contributing to a fantastic media exposure through event reposts.

Native Placement in Elle: An educational native article in Elle featured Emelie's best hair care tips, strategically placed to reach a wider audience.

Reusing Content: Images from the masterclass were repurposed, and Emelie shared her professional hair care tips, maximizing the utility of generated content.

This collaborative effort with ACO successfully blended social media engagement, influencer interactions, and strategic event participation, resulting in amplified brand visibility and an engaged audience.

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