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The campaign, strategically designed with a 360 mindset targeting a male audience, achieved significant success through various channels:

Content Activation: The campaign included on-site and digital advertisements, utilizing paid ads and newsletters to maximize visibility.

Native Placement: Native content was strategically placed in a robust male-oriented context, resulting in an outstanding 17,205 unique page views, doubling the initial estimate.

Tutto's Selection: The content was thoughtfully selected by Tutto, ensuring alignment with the brand's preferences and audience.

Podcast Sponsorship: A strategic sponsorship in the TuttoSvenskan podcast further expanded the campaign's reach and engagement.

Social Media Integration: The campaign's impact was amplified through social media, with posts on Instagram and Twitter contributing to a comprehensive and cohesive outreach.

This collaborative effort, embracing a 360 mindset, effectively engaged the male audience across multiple platforms, surpassing expectations and demonstrating the campaign's success.

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