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In our collaboration with Alexia Kafkaletos and MQ, we embraced a 360-degree approach to influencer marketing, seamlessly integrating content activation on-site and through digital advertisements, including paid ads and newsletters. This comprehensive strategy aimed to maximize engagement and create a cohesive brand narrative.

Key Components of the Campaign:

Native Placement: We strategically placed content in a native environment, ensuring that it seamlessly blended with the natural context of the chosen platforms. This approach aimed to enhance the overall user experience while maintaining authenticity.

Selection by Alexia and Creative Seeding: The influencer, Alexia Kafkaletos, played a pivotal role in content selection, ensuring alignment with her personal brand and style. Creative seeding involved placing content strategically to garner maximum visibility and impact.

TV Commercial, Store & Digital Campaign Activation: To expand our reach, we activated the campaign across various channels, including a TV commercial, in-store displays, and digital campaigns. This multi-channel approach aimed to create a strong recognition and red thread throughout the audience journey.

Collection Alexia x MQ: The collaboration featured an exclusive collection co-created by Alexia Kafkaletos and MQ, adding an element of exclusivity and uniqueness to the campaign.

Live Shopping: To foster real-time engagement, we incorporated live shopping experiences, allowing the audience to interact with the products and influencers directly.

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